Reviving Thalassa: New Exotic Destinations and Exciting Adventures Await

The iconic maritime magazine show Thalassa, which captured the hearts of millions since its inception in 1975, has been reborn into a modernized version with a fresh approach to explore the mysterious world beneath the ocean waves.

New Host, Fresh Perspective

Faithful viewers of the original Thalassa series would remember legendary host Georges Pernoud who helmed the show for more than four decades. The revamped Thalassa now boasts a new host, none other than Diego Buñuel. Born in the same year as the show’s inception, Diego is no stranger to being in front of the camera and expressing his love for the sea.

In the first episode, the energetic and daring Buñuel appears barefoot on sandy shores, explaining how the times have changed and sets the stage for exciting adventures that would rival even those showcased in the classic era.

Paradise Destinations, Shining Stars

The debut episode covers three paradise destinations, beginning with an awe-inspiring exploration of Polynesia, home to the world’s largest shark sanctuary. Freediver Denis Grosmaire, well-known for his mesmerizing underwater videos, serves as a guide through the stunning coral gardens at the Apataki atoll. From diving amongst vibrant marine life to engaging conversations, each moment with Grosmaire reveals the poetic beauty of this natural wonderland.

  • Teahupoo: Next, the cameras shift to Teahupoo, where they capture Léa Hahn – one of the rare female photographers in her field- facing the infamous wave. An encounter with Vahine Fierro, who will represent Polynesia in this year’s Olympic Games, adds another dimension to the rich tapestry of stories that unravel throughout the journey.
  • Huarmey: Zooming to the Peruvian coast, Diego Buñuel takes viewers on an exciting ride through remarkable landscapes as he ventures into the vast sandy desert flanked by towering cliffs. He introduces Juan, the daring extreme fisherman, and we witness their hair-raising escapades alongside a heartwarming conversation with Juan’s wife.
  • La Plata Island: Continuing southward to Ecuador, marine biologist Michel Guerrero leads the way as they explore a “cleaning station” for manta rays off La Plata island. From collecting DNA samples and attaching GPS tags to performing ultrasounds on pregnant rays, it’s a thrilling and poignant display of how far technology has come since 1975.

A Nod to Nicolas Hulot

Buñuel’s invigorating approach and courageous exploits – rappelling down cliffs, riding motorcycles, braving dangerous dives – bear a striking resemblance to popular TV personality Nicolas Hulot and his show. During Thalassa’s press presentation, director Nicolas Daniel recognized the connection, acknowledging Hulot’s influence on the content and presentation style.

Modern Take on Timeless Treasures

With innovative underwater footage, breathtaking destinations, and thrilling experiences, the rejuvenated Thalassa promises a stellar line-up of episodes. As fans old and new join Diego Buñuel’s exhilarating ride through the uncharted waters, viewers find themselves once again invited to explore, admire and appreciate the endless beauty of the oceanic wonders that surround us.