Graceful Journey: A Debut Feature Film By Ilya Povolotsky Lights Up Cannes

A fresh and talented young Russian filmmaker, Ilya Povolotsky, is making waves all across the globe, after leaving a strong impression among critics and viewers alike at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2023. With an engaging plot that keeps unfolding throughout its length, “La Grâce” charms with beautiful visuals and a sense of nostalgia. […]

Discovering the Folly Cove Designers: Revolutionary Female Printmakers of the 20th Century

The Inspiring Tale of Folly Cove Designers The picturesque Folly Cove, located north of Boston in Massachusetts, has been a hub for artists throughout history due to its breathtaking granite cliffs and rock-strewn beach. This striking landscape is home to an extraordinary group of self-taught women known as the Folly Cove Designers, who revolutionized American […]

Unlocking the Secrets of the Mediterranean Diet: Health Benefits and Beyond

Once a mystery shrouded in dietary restrictions, the Mediterranean diet has evolved into an educational tool promoting pleasure and wellbeing through mindful eating. With almost two decades of extensive research and scientific breakthroughs, it is no longer seen as merely a regional food trend but a roadmap to healthier living. The Foundations of the Mediterranean […]

Exploring the Intricacies of Love and Time in ‘La Belle et la Belle’

An Unconventional Romantic Comedy In the unconventional romantic comedy, La Belle et la Belle, director Sophie Fillières breaks away from the typical French cinema realism by focusing on a unique meeting between Margaux and her younger self. Inspired by Francis Ford Coppola’s era-defying film Peggy Sue Got Married, La Belle et la Belle challenges the […]

Navigating African Economies Amid Global Challenges and Shifting Financial Landscape

Global Economic Struggles Weighing on Africa The worldwide economy has been suffering from a series of shocks over the past four years, including the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine. These events have triggered a surge in global inflation and caused borrowing interest rates to skyrocket, especially for developing countries like those in […]

Exploring the World of Music: Unique Perspectives and Personal Histories

Music is an ever-evolving phenomenon that transcends geographical, cultural, and historical boundaries. The following literature showcases unique perspectives and personal histories that paint a vibrant picture of the global music landscape: Frédéric Deval’s Glimpse into the Musical Experience In “Petites Géométries de l’expérience musicale” by Frédéric Deval (Créaphis), former artistic programmer at the Royaumont Foundation […]

Meet Elliott Barnes: The Decor Master Blending Natural Materials and French Art De Vivre

A Passion for Design Driven by Authenticity and Natural Elements Interior design can transport us to different moments in time or exotic locations, all while making a space feel unique and personal. Described as a lover of clean lines, natural materials, and unusual elements, Elliott Barnes is no stranger to this transformative power. The California-born […]

Emerging Trends at Midem 2024: Artist Revenue and Artificial Intelligence in the Music Industry

Overview of Midem 2024 The prominent International music event, Midem 2024, happening this week in Cannes up until Saturday, January 27, tackles two fundamental issues affecting today’s music industry: artist remuneration and artificial intelligence. This article offers an exclusive look into these crucial discussions bound to impact musicians’ careers and the future of the industry […]

Rediscovering Retro Gems: A Look at this Week’s Reissued Albums in World Music

In the ever-changing landscape of modern music, we occasionally come across certain unique and original gems that deserve recognition. This week, we’re stepping back in time to rediscover three reissued albums from different corners of the globe that have heavily influenced their respective genres. Read on as we explore the sounds of Malik Adouane’s “after […]

Cannes Hosts Midem+: A Look at the Future of Music with AI and Live Performances

The renowned international market for music and publishing, Midem+, took a step into the future last week as artists, industry professionals, and politicians gathered in Cannes to discuss the changing landscape of the music world. From artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to live performances and artist compensation, attendees examined the challenges and opportunities ahead. From Stands […]