Meet Elliott Barnes: The Decor Master Blending Natural Materials and French Art De Vivre

A Passion for Design Driven by Authenticity and Natural Elements

Interior design can transport us to different moments in time or exotic locations, all while making a space feel unique and personal. Described as a lover of clean lines, natural materials, and unusual elements, Elliott Barnes is no stranger to this transformative power.

The California-born designer grew up surrounded by nature’s bountiful expressions during his early years, forming an affinity for embracing natural elements in his designs today. From grape skins embedded in hemp paper dressing walls to ostrich eggs strung together as necklaces for wall lights, Barnes’ eye for unconventional and innovative materials sets him apart from the crowd.

His Journey into Parisian Interior Design Scene

Barnes graduated with degrees in architecture and urban design from Cornell University in New York. With a determination to make it in the affluent world of French interior design, he made his way to Paris and ultimately landed a position at Ecart International under the tutelage of celebrated designer Andrée Putman.

This decade-and-a-half experience of working closely with Putman helped shape his career, leading to the establishment of his brand, Elliott Barnes Interiors, in Paris. As Barnes celebrates the company’s 20th anniversary, his influence over the city’s artistic landscape remains undeniable.

A Diverse Portfolio Rooted in Modernity and Elegance

  • Jazz club Le Duc des Lombards: A stage curtain quilted like a piano mover’s blanket exudes the grace and creativity that Barnes brings to every project.
  • Hotel Montesquieu in Paris: This establishment showcases a Silk Road-inspired theme that sees the designer employ golden ceilings and lacquered columns.
  • Champagne service for Christofle: Barnes lent his artistic touch to create a luxe champagne service with the Dellipse collection.

The Centre du Luxe et de la Création awarded Barnes the Elegance prize in 2023, while Architectural Digest acknowledged him in their AD100 list of most influential creators both in France and the United States. With a roster like this, it’s clear that Barnes has raised the bar when it comes to interior decoration.

Beyond Design: A Driving Passion for Music and Art

Elliott Barnes is not just an accomplished designer; he also holds a deep love for music, particularly jazz. A bass player in his spare time, he seeks to marry passion and design through projects such as the aforementioned Le Duc des Lombards jazz club.

A testament to his multidimensional talent, Barnes’ work was featured in the Jewish Museum of New York, where he served as the scenographer for the exhibition “Gaby Aghion et La Maison de Chloé.”

Leaving a Mark on French Interior Design

As Elliott Barnes Interiors celebrates its 20th anniversary, it adds another feather to its cap with the Endless Summer 2 bench, featuring leather undulations that have entered the prestigious Mobilier National collections in France.

This landmark achievement stands as a testament to Barnes’ exceptional ability to blend modernity with elegance, all while remaining true to the natural roots that inspired his path into design.

A Bright Future in the Evolving Landscape of Design and Style

With authentic designs, striking aesthetic, and a commitment to celebrate nature in all its forms, Elliott Barnes has cemented himself in the annals of French interior design history. As he continues to showcase innovative ideas and transform spaces, fans and clients alike can look forward to new chapters in his extraordinary career.