Cannes Hosts Midem+: A Look at the Future of Music with AI and Live Performances

The renowned international market for music and publishing, Midem+, took a step into the future last week as artists, industry professionals, and politicians gathered in Cannes to discuss the changing landscape of the music world. From artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to live performances and artist compensation, attendees examined the challenges and opportunities ahead. From Stands […]

Award-Winning Screenwriter Noé Debré’s Journey to His First Feature Film

From Series Success to Silver Screen: An Interview with Noé Debré Noé Debré, the 38-year-old screenwriter behind numerous successful projects including the European Parliament comedy series “Parliament,” recently made his feature film debut with “Le Dernier des juifs” (The Last of the Jews). In this exclusive interview, we discuss his career, inspirations, and the process […]

Reviving Thalassa: New Exotic Destinations and Exciting Adventures Await

The iconic maritime magazine show Thalassa, which captured the hearts of millions since its inception in 1975, has been reborn into a modernized version with a fresh approach to explore the mysterious world beneath the ocean waves. New Host, Fresh Perspective Faithful viewers of the original Thalassa series would remember legendary host Georges Pernoud who […]

Rising to the Occasion: The Ascent of Ranunculus in the Floral World

From Delicate Bunches to High-End Singles Ranunculus flowers, traditionally known for their delicate image and often bought in bunches as gifts, have experienced a significant transformation. Sold individually now, their bulbs are exchanged at a high price, putting them in the same category as gladiolus, lilies, and roses. Eric Barbier, manager of Floribelle and ranunculus […]

Unraveling the Art of Television Series: A Guide to Latest Publications

Television series have evolved over time to become a full-fledged form of artistic expression, garnering fan and critic attention alike. Let’s explore some fascinating publications that dissect popular TV shows, their narrative styles, and how they reflect societal trends. A New Era of Production Techniques In response to the limited literature analyzing television series production […]

Biden Administration Halts $10 Billion Calcasieu 2 LNG Project Amid Environmental Concerns

Decision Aims to Address Climate Change and Energy Security Concerns The Biden administration announced on January 26th that it has halted the Calcasieu 2 liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Louisiana. The decision, which suspends plans for a major $10 billion terminal, came as part of the administration’s commitment to combat climate change and assess […]

2023: The Year of Market Instabilities and Commodity Price Fluctuations

The CyclOpe Report Points to a Turbulent 2023 for Commodity Markets In a year marked by significant market volatility, the latest edition of the CyclOpe report, published on January 23rd, reveals that 2023 will go down in history as one of the most disrupted years for commodity prices. The CyclOpe index, which represents the evolution […]

Passion Ignited: Inside the World of Les Allumés du Jazz

A Small-Town Concert Leads to a Jazz Revolution In 1977, a small village in Sarthe, Chantenay-Villedieu, became the birthplace of Les Allumés du Jazz – a passionate association and festival dedicated to avant-garde jazz. The event was organized by Jean Rochard, who was born in the village on April 1st, 1957. Over the years, the […]